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GOLFPRO is the latest generation 16mm high artificial turf ideal for use on both professional and residential putting greens, thanks to its ideal performance both in the reception and in the ball roll.

During its manufacture, the product is woven using an in-line tufting system, with a 3/16 inch gauge between stitch lines, 81,900 stitches per square meter, and a total weight of 2,890 g / m2. In addition, the anti-UV treatment of the fibers gives it an exceptional and resistant finish for the most demanding inclement weather.

The installation of the grass rolls is carried out on a regular and resistant base, always looking for a correct drainage of rainwater, and the joints that join the grass rolls are glued by means of two-component polyurethane adhesive on joining tape. A filler load of silica sand (round, washed and dried 0.5-1.0mm) with an allowance of about 15kg / m2 is recommended.

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